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Dr Christian adjusting child

Pediatric Chiropractic at Recharge Chiropractic

Dr. Christian sees pediatric chiropractic care as an alternative to standard care, and the way they approach children. At Recharge Chiropractic, we see little ones as thriving and full of expression. Many times when parents bring their children to us, they’re not matching that description. He likes to say, “God always designed us to be healthy and not sick.”

Our practice stresses the necessity of promoting the health of the child, instead of adopting the big pharma view, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” We’re working to shift the paradigm from a sickness (wait until something happens) mindset to a proactive (wellness) one, to help ensure the growth and development, best quality of life, and the fullest expression of your child.

Meeting Their Needs

When the brain and body communicate well, kids adapt better to their surroundings. Adapting is key to why chiropractic care is so helpful to children, especially those who struggle with:

  • Sensory problems
  • Hyperactivity (ADHD)
  • Immunity struggles
  • Digestive challenges
  • Neurodevelopmental Differences
  • And more

Today, children are diagnosed with disorders such as ADHD, anxiety, and sensory processing disorders at an alarming rate. These neurodevelopmental differences often start at birth. Our team believes every child should have their nervous system checked as soon as possible to ensure they’re getting a healthy start to life.

At Recharge Chiropractic, we want to encourage and support healthy kids from day one! That’s why we’re so passionate about working with children. Think of the spine as not just a collection of bones, muscles, and ligaments, but rather as an entire neurological “organ” that functions as the communication highway between the brain and body.

Gentle Adjustments

Our neurological tonal adjustments take a “less is more” approach throughout care, where adjustments are made in a gentle and easy way—no twisting, cracking or popping. Each adjustment builds upon the last, and sets up for the success of the next one. The INSiGHT scans are essential in tracking the progress through their care plan. Dr. Christian has dedicated his life to helping hundreds of kids recharge their life.

Schedule A Visit

In our office, we experience miracles. We know that the healing power which resides in each of us can not be limited. We are innately designed to be healthy, and when you or your child fall short of health, we’re here to help. Contact us today to book an appointment!

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