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About Recharge Chiropractic

Growing up in a small farm town in Iowa, Chiropractor Dr. Christian Neldeberg was used to acknowledging folks with the “farmer wave.” He never experienced that gesture being returned in other places until he came to River Falls. Although larger than his hometown, it has the added bonus of being his wife’s home, which made the decision to start a practice here in 2019 an easy one.

At Recharge Chiropractic, you’ll find caring and compassionate people who want you to have the best life possible. We take the time to listen to you, without judgment, give you the honest answers you need, and empower you to do what needs to be done to improve your health.

Our mission is to educate and empower to recharge one’s life, and to connect children and families to reach their full health potential.


Our Approach

Everything we do is based on the nervous system, which controls the whole body. Our chiropractic techniques are neurologically based, and proven effective in numerous studies. We don’t twist, crack, or pop our practice members. You’ll receive gentle instrument adjustment that provides outstanding results for all ages.

Results You Can See

Dr. Christian recounts the story of a woman who came to their workshop called “Unravelling Neurodevelopmental Disorders.” She came up to him after the session with many questions. She had a son in the second grade, and had been to many doctors, and tried many medications without improvement.

She recounted they had not been out to eat or gone to events for two years, and stopped going to church because of his behavior. There were weeks when he would only sleep two nights of the week. And while he received a lot of support at school, he was unable to write his name. His mother was sad and depressed, imagining that life would always be this way.

After about four months of adjustments, something shifted and changed. The child could sit still, and he could clearly write his name. The family even went out and had a steak dinner. Their dynamic was completely different, and they now had hope for a more normal life.

Infinite Possibilities

We believe anything’s possible with neurologically based chiropractic care. Contact us to talk about your potential for change.

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