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New Practice Members at Recharge Chiropractic

Welcome to our practice! We’re happy you decided to try a different method of care to promote the well-being of your family. We encourage practice members to bring a spouse or other family member to the first visit. Come in and please make yourself comfortable.

Our clinic is very child-friendly, so don’t worry if your child decides to be themselves. If a cool down period is needed, we have a dedicated sensory room for that purpose. At Recharge Chiropractic, we believe in having a safe space for all our patients, regardless of age.


When you come to the office, we check to make sure our paperwork was completed and returned before you meet the doctor. Next, we give you a tour of the office, so you know where everything is, and the kids are comfortable in the space. We have a lot of toys and books, and other sensory activities to keep them occupied and happy.

Dr. Christian doesn’t like to discuss the child’s problems in front of them, because they are very perceptive, even at a young age. During the consultation, he goes over your paperwork, and learns more about your health journey. Next is an explanation of our INSiGHT™ technology, how it gives us a deeper understanding of how well the nervous system is functioning, and how that relates to their or their child’s challenges.

Dr. Christian will also do an in-depth physical examination and give a general overview of what was found at this visit, before our team schedules you for the report of findings on the next visit. Please allow 45-60 minutes for this visit.

On the second visit, Dr. Christian will go over the results of the exam and scans in depth, explaining what they mean and answering any questions you might have. He’ll present the proposed plan of action, and financial details. If you choose to continue, the first adjustment will be done today. This visit is typically 15-30 minutes.

Financial Responsibilities

Our initial fee for the exam is $75, unless the member has insurance. We do a complimentary benefits check for our members prior to the first visit, and adjust the fee accordingly. We’re in-network with most providers and Medicare. We also accept major credit cards, and HSA and FSA plans.

Take the Next Step

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